Nodepack is currently in early stages of development, APIs and commands are subject to change, documentation may be incomplete.

Nodepack is a modern progressive node.js development platform.

It can be used to create servers, backends, applications, libraries and serverless functions. It can scale from tiny projects to huge enterprise-level applications.


Nodepack provides:

  • A CLI to quickly create and manage projects.
  • A service installed in your project which is:
    • Upgradeable;
    • Built on top of webpack, with sensible defaults;
    • Entirely configurable with config files
  • A collection of official plugins integrating the best tools in the node ecosystem like Typescript and Apollo GraphQL.

The plugin system is the key strength of Nodepack. It features:

  • A rich suite of public APIs from low-level stuff like webpack to high-level concepts like User Auth.
  • The possibility to add, upgrade or remove plugins in a project.
  • App Migrator can generate and modify your project files and rollback changes if needed.
  • Environment Migrator allow your team to execute migrations or rollbacks on DBs, tools...

You can create your own plugins and publish them on NPM!



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