# Database migrations

Those migrations are very similar to the env migrations. The difference is that the data about the migrations are stored in each target databases.

# Create migrations

To set up some database migrations in your project, create a migration/db folder at the root of the project. Then you can create any number of JS files in this folder that exports an up function:

// migration/db/201908230224-users.js

// Migration
exports.up = async (context) => {
  // ...

// Rollback
exports.down = async (context) => {
  // ...

The migration functions gets the context as argument.

The migrations will be executed depending on the file name in alphabetical order. Thus it is recommended to use a timestamp as the start of the file name. For example:


Migrations will be applied automatically during any Maintenance.

See an example migration with Knex.

# Rollbacks

Available soon...